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Grading is the most controversial component of collecting today. Small differences in grade can mean significant differences in value. The process of grading is subjective and dependent on external influences such as lighting. To facilitate communication between sellers and buyers, it is essential that grading terms and their meanings be as standardized and as widely used as possible.

One difficulty with grading is that even the actual grades themselves are not used everywhere by everyone. For example, for paper money, in Europe the term "About Uncirculated" (AU) is not in general use, yet in North America it's widespread. Some countries even use other grading terms. Therefore we added a table called STANDARD INTERNATIONAL GRADING TERMINOLOGY AND ABBREVATIONS if applicable were you can find the terms for grades in various countries.

The grades and definitions cannot reconcile all the various systems and grading terminology variants. Rather, the attempt is made to try and diminish the controversy with some common-sense grades and definitions that aim to give more precise meaning to the grading language of paper money.

At Collectweb and Corné Akkermans Auctions grading is done with the utmost care and slightly conservative. The age, rarity or type of an item is not a consideration in grading. The way we grade is different for every type of collectors item, therefore we added a detailed page for every shop:

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