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Collection V.O.C.

The Dutch East India Company, known as the VOC (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie), was established in 1602. It was the first publicly traded company with freely tradable shares and would grow to become the largest trading company in the world. The VOC is often referred to as the first company to have establishments in multiple countries. With pride, we offer a unique collection of VOC securities and documents, including the rarest securities in the market.

The basis of inheritance law is fairly simple.

A collection in an inheritance?

Does the collection outlive the collector?

If there is no one willing to take over or continue the collection, then the next issue arises. Most collectors tend to pursue their hobby in solitude, so their family often has no idea about the value of the collection.

How do you prevent your loved ones from selling your prized possessions for a bargain to a friendly collector after your passing? Or selling everything for €5 each on King's Day? Or, worse yet, having your collection end up in the trash bin?

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