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Croatian paper money catalogue in progress

At this moment the Croatian paper money catalogue is in progress. I entered the structure for Stojan Blazanovic. He started entering his first items in collectweb. We need to improve the image size in here in future, that's why we request for 300 DPI images on Croatian notes and Croatian emergency issues. Please let us know what you can help us with by e-mail.

Catalogue on German serienscheine

The catalogue on German serienscheine contains already 54 pages. John Montgomery is adding notes almost every day for the last month now. John is adding all known types and enters the scans he made from his own collection. The structure now is ready for all town starting with letters A and B. Paper Money Maastricht organizer jos Eijsermans will join and add scans from his collection in the near future. If you collect serienscheine, please add scans en enjoy what's aready done by John.

Belgian WW I Concentration Camp Money

The papermoney catalogue of Belgium is extended with some new era's. It contains some papermoney of Psychiatric institutes and Concentration Camps. Paper money from Belgian Concentration Camps is rare. Therefore I was please to add four of these notes from the Camp of Auvours. All of the prisoners captured by the Belgian Army during World War I were imprisoned in France. The Belgian Camps were garded by the Belgian Army (Armée Belge - Belgisch Leger).There are three known Camps, Camp d' Auvours, Jumieges and Agence Maritime belge du Havre P.G. The four notes I entered all have a red round handstamp of the camp on front. They are all uniface.

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